A Short Guide To Commercial Auto Insurance

If you run a business or company that utilizes vehicles, it is important that you have the necessary insurance coverage for them.  Commercial auto insurance can help ensure that you don’t have to pay out of pocket if something unexpectedly goes wrong.

What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is designed to cover vehicles being used for commercial purposes.  Commercial vehicles typically are used a lot more than personal vehicles which increases the amount of risk and creates a need for more coverage than a personal auto insurance policy can provide.  Commercial auto insurance policies offer higher limits and better liability coverage to address this risk.

What Is Covered By Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance can cover a variety of costs that come into play when an accident occurs.  Some of these costs are:

  • Medical payments
  • Property repair
  • Property replacement
  • Legal bills
  • Settlements
  • Judgments

Commercial auto insurance may also cover things like theft, vandalism, and a number of other losses.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Commercial Auto Insurance?

Any businesses that utilize vehicles for work can benefit from commercial auto insurance.   Some indicators that you may need commercial auto insurance are:

  • If a vehicle is titled to your business
  • If you drive to and from worksites
  • If you transport tools or products used for work
  • If you provide transportation for clients or employees

Commercial vehicles face a lot of risks.  Commercial auto insurance can make all the difference.